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Welcome to Vee4 Automation

Your Premier Control Panel Automation Solution

Leading control panel automation innovators since 2001, setting new industry standards with cutting-edge solutions for diverse sectors, prioritizing quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

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Our Services

Our PLC control panels drive industrial automation, ensuring precision in manufacturing processes. With tailored solutions from basic to advanced systems, we optimize operations and foster sustainable growth using PLC technology.

Our MMC panel solutions integrate machine controls for maximum efficiency, streamlining production and boosting throughput with advanced technology, ensuring operational excellence and enhanced productivity.

Our control panels ensure reliable and efficient power distribution in industrial facilities. From main LT panels to feeder pillars, we prioritize safety and compliance, offering tailored solutions for diverse electrical infrastructure needs.

As LT panel manufacturing leaders, we prioritize reliability and durability, offering exceptional performance and longevity in harsh industrial environments. From power distribution to custom applications, our cost-effective solutions meet exact specifications.

Our VFD panels offer precise motor control, optimizing energy usage for cost savings. Engineered for top performance and reliability, they enhance process control while minimizing downtime for seamless operations.

Our Journey

From our visionary inception,

We lead automation's transformation, empowering businesses for optimized operations and growth. With cutting-edge tech and a proven track record, we adapt to industry dynamics, serving diverse clientele across sectors.

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Our Journey

With 20+ years' experience, we deliver tailored automation solutions beyond expectations.

We maintain top-tier quality standards from design to testing for reliable control panel performance.

We lead by adopting cutting-edge technologies, delivering innovative solutions that boost efficiency and productivity in control panel automation.

At Vee4 Automation, we're dedicated to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our committed team delivers precision and excellence at every stage, exceeding client expectations.

At Vee4 Automation, customer satisfaction reigns supreme. We tailor solutions to meet unique needs, ensuring client delight.

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Trusted By 1000+ Happy Customers for Electrical Control Panel & Automation.
Vee4 Automation's panels revolutionized our operations, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. Highly recommended!
Rajesh Sharma
Electrical Engineer
Vee4 Automation's expertise in panel design and integration has greatly improved our operations. Highly professional and reliable.
Priya Patel
Operations Manager
Vee4 Automation's panels revolutionized our production, enhancing efficiency and reliability. Their proactive approach is invaluable.
Deepak Singh
Production Supervisor
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